Charlie breaks down Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s troubling and tyrannical response to the Canadian Trucker uprising. His weak, insecure comments made in hiding reveal a repulsion toward men and women who work with their hands and is telling of a larger crisis of leadership in the declining western male. Then Charlie breaks down George Soros’ perplexing new video issued just two days before the CCP Olympics calling Chairman Xi the greatest threat to “open societies” in the world today. What do these remarks tell us about the future of great reset and the one world order Soros and his pals envision? Finally Charlie is joined by global COVID expert, epidemiologist, and Chief Scientific Officer for The Unity Project, Dr. Paul Alexander, who is on the ground in Ottawa addressing Parliament and helping rally support for the Truckers. Dr. Alexander tells us what it’s like on the ground in Canada and makes his argument for why mandates are bound to fail around the world. 

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