In this episode of The Scalpel, Dr. Rose welcomes Jeff Childers, a Florida attorney who has successfully challenged and won an injunction to shutdown a vaccinate or terminate policy.

Mask and Vaccine mandates can be stopped. Attorney Jeff Childers the template for how he stopped an attack on freedom in Gainesville, Florida AND how you can do it where you live, too.

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Dr. Keith Rose is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon and tactical medicine physician who has been performing plastic and reconstructive surgery in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Central, and South America for the past 21 years.

He is also the CEO of Rose Medical Management  (, a South Texas-based company providing urgent care clinics (, onsite clinics, emergency response teams, and medical/occupational case management services to over 100 companies across the United States.

Dr. Rose is a former Army Captain who was assigned to a Forward Surgical Team.   Upon leaving the military, Dr. Rose continued to work as a tactical medical physician training, military, law enforcement, and government agencies.

In 2008, Dr. Rose developed and patented The Integrated Tourniquet System (ITS) which has been used by Naval Special Warfare, law enforcement, and militaries around the world.

He 2012 he founded Rose Cosmetic Surgery Center ( to help patients at his South Texas practice and throughout the world achieve the appearance of their dreams.  In addition to his private practice, Dr. Rose continues to perform charity work and has worked with CURE International, SMILE TRAIN, and Team 5 Medical Foundation (

In July of 2019, Dr. Rose launched The Scalpel. A regularly published podcast that cuts to the truth of the political landscape using history and experience.   He blends writings from the founding, lessons from history and current events to expose the mounting threats to the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of The United States of America.

Dr. Keith Rose – Somewhere in Afghanistan


OMG! Remember those $450k payments to illegal aliens? House Democrats just voted to make them law and the media is covering it up. We need to WAKE UP and stop this bill in the Senate NOW!!!

I wonder why she was so willing to give up her “white privilege.” Could it be—is it possible—that she spotted greater opportunities if she could pass herself off as an indigenous person of color? In that case, we should be talking about “minority privilege,” shouldn’t we?

Let me make this simple.

As vaxx rates increase, active COVID cases are increasing along with vaccine company stock share prices.

Question of the Day.

“How many cushions does Fauci sit on when he is interviewed on the morning shows?”

We know how he gets to the studio.
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Want to understand “Build Back Better”, it is progressive code for “Tear Down Completely”.
Clay Travis @ClayTravis
Fauci says you need to prepare for more covid lockdowns, guys.