On the Best of Mark Levin, the question of whether the Vice President can serve as a tie-breaker on a Supreme Court nominee has been asked. This likely won’t happen or even be necessary as the RINO republicans will probably support President Biden’s nomination. A tie-breaker vote is highly questionable in the confirmation of a jurist with a lifetime appointment that the VP’s boss had nominated. Any justice confirmed by the VP’s tie-breaker would likely always be viewed as illegitimate. Biden’s weakness and mental deterioration have invited our enemies to become more aggressive toward the United States and our allies. In 1994 Ukraine relinquished its nuclear weapons in exchange for the U.S, Russia, and England to provide security assurances under the Budapest memorandum. Some say that this is not the U.S’s problem. By that logic, was Poland our problem? Did Russia develop hypersonic missiles to attack Ukraine? Of course not, they developed them for use against the U.S. Then, Trump said Biden’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan is the lowest moment in the history of our country. Trump criticized the 2020 election as a third world election adding that Democrats must be stopped from conducting a federal takeover of US elections. Whoopi Goldberg denies racist comments about the Holocaust because she denies the hatred towards Jews. Whoopi says that it was about hatred toward mankind, but not about race, per see. Later, Communist activist Angela Davis was also on Good Morning America posing as a political analyst discussing why Biden’s pick must be a communist-sympathizing Black woman. Yet, it was Biden himself that blocked a Black woman from the D.C Court and used the filibuster to do it and he did it because she was a Republican.

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