On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, WMAL Radio Host Larry O’Connor fills in for Mark. The Democrats would use the power of the federal government to enforce pandemic mandates even more than they have if they could. Stacey Abrams was forced to eat crow and sort of apologizing after taking a maskless photo with a group of students that she required to wear masks while in her presence. Of course, she was only sorry that she got caught, not for being a hypocrite. Perhaps they should take a page from VA Governor Glenn Youngkin who promised to leave the choice of masking kids to their parents. Even blue states like Democrat-run New Jersey have opted to oppose the teacher’s union and end the mask mandates. Then, voters need to hold the Democrats accountable for playing their political games by using their strongest weapon – their vote. Moms and Dads must make these politicians pay for ignoring the data while claiming to follow the science. Afterward, teachers’ union head Randi Weingarten says she’ll concede to ending the mask mandate once COVID is gone. Weingarten and the teacher’s union have pressured the politicians long enough and if they had their way, there wouldn’t even be in-person learning. Later, the government’s suggestion to silence Joe Rogan is proof of their political thuggery. Conservatives need to stop embracing every victim of cancel culture as the next thought leader in the conservative movement.

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