On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Republicans can never advance the cause of liberty as long as political thugs like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, or his carbon copy cronies are in power. He’s done nothing to advance the conservative movement. How often has McConnell appeared on conservative media outlets? He hasn’t, he exploits the grassroots Constitutional base for their election while resenting what they stand for. The media rarely attacks these Senate Republicans because they work hand in glove with the media. Has McConnell called for the impeachment of President Biden? Of course not, he’s a Svengali that makes raw brash power-grabs to replace conservatives with moderates that he can control. Then, January 6th was not a violent insurrection. The only person that was killed was shot by the Capitol Police. Therefore, Democrats within the media and their partners in the Republican Party like McConnell, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, have to lie and twist the truth to include people that died from natural causes while near the Capitol (per the DC Medical examiner’s report). Later, a BLM arsonist that burned a building and killed a man is requesting leniency and has not been charged with the death of the man found in the pawnshop he burned. Yet, McConnell and the Democrats are focused on the people being charged with trespassing at the Capitol Building. The insurrection didn’t start on January 6th, it started when they tried to oust a sitting president in any number of ways that skirted the intent of our Constitution from attacking him internally to changing the voting laws in the 2020 election. Afterward, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich calls in regarding another lawsuit he’s filed against the Biden Administration for failing to keep the country and Arizona safe by securing the southern border. Brnovich argues that the current invasion of violent gangs, cartels, and drugs is a violation of the Constitution and that the state will have to do what the federal government is not to protect citizens in Arizona.   

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