On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. Then-candidate Biden and the media trashed President Trump as being unhinged when he targeted drone strikes killing terrorist leaders. Today the media is conspicuously quiet as President Biden ordered a strike killing an ISIS leader as well as six others including children. Then, Russia planned to stage and film a false attack to blame Ukraine and fabricate a reason to invade Ukraine. However, the media largely ignored it despite the White House exposing Putin’s plot. Later, Speaker Pelosi is silencing American athletes from voicing their opinions against communist China while at the Olympic games. Pelosi was once a critic of China’s abusive policies but softened her position once her family made lots of money from Chinese investments. FBI Christopher Wray told NBC News that the Chinese Communist Party has been extremely aggressive in spying on American institutions. Yet the FBI didn’t advise the White House to not participate in the Winter Olympic Games being held in China. Finally, Biden has come out in support of reparations payments to illegal aliens caught crossing the southern border under President Trump. It’s sick and sad that this is the new reality.

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