On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, WPHT Host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. President Biden is sending thousands of troops to Europe for what might be WWIII with Russia. Subsequently, the Army has confirmed that it will begin firing soldiers who don’t get vaccinated. The same way that the left is trying to get rid of ‘controversial’ podcasts, they’re trying to get rid of you, and me, and now our soldiers too. No restaurants, public places, or even service to this nation for the unvaccinated. This is a mistake. Then, Democrats have stopped American energy production and the production of American labor. In many states, unemployment has been extended. There are more jobs each day and the government is creating conditions to make the masses dependent on government handouts. Later, a university in Colorado has now created a hotline for students injured by a negative free speech event. This will create a generation of cry-baby snowflakes that are being coddled for hearing words that they didn’t like. That is what fuels the cancel-culture that is advocating the firing of professors that aren’t liberals. Afterward, will climate lockdowns be the next restriction? Will the left argue that the earth was cleaner during the lockdowns? Johns Hopkins University now admits that the lockdowns were a disaster. Americans want normalcy, except the 30% that live in blue states.

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