On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the founders warned against an activist court. Where is judicial review in the Constitution? It’s not. This power exercised by the Supreme Court known as judicial review started in Marbury versus Madison. Jefferson noted that declaring what the law is, has more influence than every other branch of government. This practice contravenes the Constitution and is an authority given to the Court by itself, not by the framers or We The People. Then, some who advocate for judicial review reject the notion that then VP Pence lacked the authority to send the electoral college votes back to their respective states. The constitution specifically points out that it is the state legislatures that decide and to ignore that would be a violation of the federal Constitution. Pseudo-conservative, leftists in the media, and the Democrats fail to realize that this was the real insurrection. Later, Brandon Straka and his attorney Bill Esayli join the show to tell his story of getting arrested after giving a speech on January 6th at the Capitol. Straka described this past year as a nightmare as his speech calling for a peaceful conservative revolution was later nefariously used against him. Afterward, two weeks later an FBI SWAT team arrested him on multiple felony charges. Straka felt like he was a political prisoner held in 24-hour lockdown inside a concrete cell at one point for 48 straight hours. Straka was offered a misdemeanor plea deal with an unusually harsh sentencing recommendation. It was the government’s position that anyone in D.C that day was there to interfere in the peaceful transfer of power.

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