On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, there are various parallels between “The Children’s Story” by James Clavell and how Marxist ideology is permeating the American classroom. The left targets children to indoctrinate them in government schools. People are heralded for following leftist ideology, but if you reject J6, Critical Race Theory, and other Marxist poison then you’re labeled a hate-filled, white supremacist. Just like Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers have been targeted for daring to challenge the ruling class, our own children are being trained to bow down to the state instead of almighty God. This is isn’t ‘progress’ it’s about control. Then, Whoopi Goldberg denies racist comments about the Holocaust because she denies the hatred towards Jews. Whoopi says that it was about hatred toward mankind, but not about race, per see. Later, Communist activist Angela Davis was also on Good Morning America posing as a political analyst discussing why Biden’s pick must be a communist-sympathizing Black woman. Yet, it was Biden himself that blocked a Black woman from the D.C Court and used the filibuster to do it and he did it because she was a Republican. Afterward, election fraud, especially the usurpation of laws, is too taboo for a lot of people to speak about. The dissenters of debate shut it down. Yet there are credible claims that have been ignored while the left within the media promotes a false narrative regarding the 2020 election.

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