On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, three more cops were shot, this time in Houston. The number of police shot is breaking records and some incidents involve illegal aliens. Cops are under attack and getting sued for simply doing their jobs. The southern border is not secure, gangs and drugs are getting into the country and innocent lives are paying the price. The Marxist movement is creating this violence. The media hates whatever gets in their way and that’s why they provide cover for the anti-police crowd that they promote on their platforms. Democrats will support rioters, but they won’t support the police. Who is going to hold the media and the Democrat party to account? This program will lead an effort to impeach Joe Biden, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General of the United States over this open border. Then, the question of whether the Vice President can serve as a tie-breaker on a Supreme Court nominee has been asked. This likely won’t happen or even be necessary as the RINO republicans will probably support President Biden’s nomination. A tie-breaker vote is highly questionable in the confirmation of a jurist with a lifetime appointment that the VP’s boss had nominated. Any justice confirmed by the VP’s tie-breaker would likely always be viewed as illegitimate. Later, BLM leaders are nowhere to be found? Critics suggest that this is highly irregular for a non-profit with $60M in its coffers. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors named two successors, but they said they never accepted the job. Only two board members remain and refuse to respond to the media. Afterward, in a bombshell video, a federal contractor is caught on tape saying that the government is betraying its citizens by transporting illegal aliens into NY in the middle of the night.

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