On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the race is on between the U.S and the Chinese to retrieve America’s most advanced stealth fighter jet which has reportedly slid off the deck of a U.S Navy aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. U.S officials are concerned about China salvaging the aircraft before they do, to have a sample of the Navy’s most elite warplane. Then, many are concerned with why America should do anything with Ukraine. If the U.S ignores its responsibility to defend Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurances of 1994 it would be violating its part of the treaty. Plus, America’s enemies will take note that the U.S has become weak. Later, contrary to the media, all science is not decided within 5 buildings in Washington, DC. Anthony Fauci is not the only doctor in America yet he acts like it. There was no peer-reviewed scientific data to discontinue therapeutics in yet Fauci and the FDA recklessly closed monoclonal treatment sites for citizens in Florida.  Fauci claims that the therapeutics are ineffective against omicron since they weren’t designed to combat omicron although, neither were the current vaccines. Afterward, the CEO of Convention of States, Mark Meckler, calls in to share the good news of a 16th state that has accepted the Convention of States legislation supporting a constitutional convention of states. Finally, author and scholar Peter Schweizer joins the show to discuss the release of his new book “Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.” Schweizer describes a web of politicians, tech companies, academic institutions, and foreign governments that all have a hand in paving the way for the Chinese communist party while lining their own pockets with consulting deals and other cash incentives.

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