On Friday’s Mark Levin show, America is only about 20 years behind other countries that have embraced autocratic policies to eliminate cars and single-family homes in suburban neighborhoods. Suburbs will be threatened by urban planning and zoning changes by American Marxists so that they can control highly populated areas with video surveillance and social credit scores. The radical left will soon have people thinking that it’s racist to even own a single-family home. Then, Congress can only conduct investigations for legislative functions and oversight, not for law enforcement purposes. The January 6th select committee is operating beyond its Constitutional authority. The judiciary has become weak and feckless allowing Washington Bureaucrats to use the same Houdini tricks they used to ignore the egregious Constitutional violations of the 2020 election. Later, Democrats have failed to eliminate the filibuster however many of them have reversed course. In 2017 so many of these same critiques defended the filibuster. Apparently back then, it wasn’t the racist Jim Crow 2.0 that they now claim it is. Afterward, two New York Police Department officers were ambushed and killed in cold blood. Crime is out of control in many big cities run by Democrats and it’s in part because Billionaire activist George Soros has gotten many pro-crime district attorneys elected.

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