On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Big Tech, Big Media, former and current Speakers of the US House of Representatives, The Bush’s, the Trudeau’s, the Biden’s, and the corporatists in America are in the pocket of Chinese leader Xi Jing Ping. The Founders discussed the idea of a unicameral Congress, and it was rejected in favor of a bicameral system focused on individual liberty because the more autocratic the government could become it would. Then, if the media were honest, they’d call out Congress for their January 6th sham committee. They would call out President Biden for his Bolshevik stance on dividing the country over the Jim Crow 2.0 act that they claim is about voting rights. Biden and the Democrat party are lighting fuses and instigating ill will with their lies that Republicans are making it harder for minorities to vote. Later, it’s interesting that public school children aren’t taught about the 15 high-ranking officials of the Nazi bureaucracy met in Berlin to hatch “The organizational, logistical and material steps for a final solution of the Jewish question in Europe” 80 years ago today.  This was their brainstorming session to enact what they called ‘The Final Solution’ – the Holocaust. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in to explain how in only one year Democrat policies have destroyed so much; 13 new Gold Star Families from the reckless Afghanistan surrender, train robberies, and other crimes have made a comeback, aggression from Russia is renewed, and inflation has hit a 40 year high. McCarthy added that the only time Speaker Pelosi didn’t allow Republicans to choose members to be on her January 6th select committee. Pelosi is not being questioned by the committee because she rejected offers for additional security and now, they want to punish their political adversaries.

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