On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the framers spent 5 months in Pennsylvania figuring out how to form a government since the Articles of Confederation were a failure. The new nation was in debt and states were unfairly levying taxation on one another. Enter the founding of the Constitution by well-read men who understood the fall of Rome and were informed by their predecessors and contemporaries like John Locke, Montesquieu, and Sir Edmund Burke. They had challenges over slavery, mob rule, representation in Congress, and many other issues of where they reached compromise but agreed that the federal government should not have plenary power of election, but rather that the states should. Then, the Democrat party is the party of the KKK, racism, and segregation. They were that way during the civil war, and they are that way today. Chuck Schumer and his razor-thin majority will peddle every lie they can to convince people that the Democrats’ voting bill does something more than weaken a citizen’s right to vote. Later, Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th select committee is said to be weighing whether or not it can cook up some federal charges against former President Trump to prevent him from holding public office ever again. Such charges are purely political as there is no basis for such allegations. Afterward, Schumer’s daughters work for Amazon and Facebook while Schumer is overseeing antitrust legislation that affects both tech giants, according to the New York Post. This raises substantive concerns over ethics and the appearance of improprieties as Schumer has the ability to kill this legislation before there’s even a vote on it.

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