On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Mr. Call Screener and ‘This Is America’ podcast host, Rich Valdes fills in for Mark Levin. The notion of destroying America to build her back better is non-negotiable. We don’t destroy which we love, and that’s what President Biden and the left want to do as if that’s a possibility. The seeds of radicalism were planted long ago by people like Saul Alinsky, and we see leftist radicals everywhere today, even in the Supreme Court with Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The communists know that Americans just want to be left alone, and they use that against us. Also, nobody fact-checks Biden and his lies, yet the left and the media want to fact-check every single thing about COVID. The CDC is finally admitting that obesity is a key factor in people dying with COVID now that the popularity of the pandemic has shifted. How much control are we going to give to government? Is it We The People in charge or They The Government? Later, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is getting called out for endless school closures in Chicago. She created the very problem that she now has to solve but will never be blamed by the left. Meanwhile, Republicans like Adam Kinzinger divide us from within and prevent Republicans from getting ahead.

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