The world is turning upside down as governments around the world descend into lockdown and totalitarian madness. In this episode, I discuss the troubling story. Also, I discuss the latest immigration outrage as Biden wants you to pay for lawyers for illegals. 

News Picks:

Kneeling US Women’s Soccer team loses.
Is Asa Hutchinson the worst GOP Governor in the country?
Biden wants you, the taxpayer, to pay for lawyers for illegal immigrants.
Although covid cases may be rising, hospitalizations and deaths are far lower then during last year’s peaks. 
The YouTube communists strike again, banning Sky News for speaking the truth about the failed covid lockdowns.
This grassroots organization is training liberty activists to become school board candidates.

The data is crystal clear, GOP governors made the right call in canceling the unemployment benefits that were encouraging people not to work.

AOC is anti-cop, anti-ICE, anti-gun, and pro-Blackwater. Strange combo.

Who is watching the watchmen. A troubling article you need to read.

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