Charlie breaks down the Regime’s free speech problem with podcaster Joe Rogan. Harnessing an audience of tens of millions that rivals the Super Bowl, Joe Rogan has refused to be censored even as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Barry Manilow and a few other 70-year-old, former anti-establishment-turned-corporate-gatekeeper hippies pulled their music from Spotify claiming Joe Rogan was spreading dangerous “misinformation” related to COVID-19. Joe Rogan, who has hosted Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough (two guests that have also been on The Charlie Kirk Show) because of their exceptional medical credentials, has responded, apologizing to Spotify for causing a firestorm, and says he will accept their decision to add a content advisory on his content. Is Joe Rogan wavering, appeasing, or playing the long game? Finally, Charlie challenges Lindsay Graham for recycling Democrat talking points to help Joe Biden get his racist SCOTUS nominee pledge over the finish line. 

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