Charlie welcomes to the show, Peter Schweizer, one of the most influential investigational journalists of our generation and author of the new book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” which courageously documents how the most powerful and influential Americas have been co-opted into igniting China’s rise to the top of the world’s pecking order. From Lebron James and Elon Musk to Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, and the Biden Family, Schweizer documents each troubling case on how the CCP has systematically targeted, recruited, and then cashed in on America’s elites to help supplant America in world dominance. Schweizer uncovers China’s sinister plans to capture and co-opt America’s elites in order to accomplish their globalist aims of being the world’s number 1 super power. Please buy this book and share it with your friends to help them see how America’s greatest geopolitical foe is overtaking America with the help of our own useful idiots.

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