Charlie starts the show with a small tease of Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming movie “2,000 Mules” that exposes a vast network of ballot dropbox “mules” in key swing states, tracking them with video and cell phone data. Charlie was briefed on the movie and explains why he thinks this is THE smoking gun many have been waiting for. Next up, Charlie explains why he was trending on Twitter for three separate videos spreading online. Also, Charlie breaks down how the head of ISIS was taken out by the Biden Regime. Is this a moment to celebrate American strength? Or is this more wagging the dog instead of focusing on domestic crises including inflation, crime, immigration, China, empty shelves, vax mandates, CRT in schools, and election integrity. Finally, Charlie explores the growing scandal surrounding BLM as Blue states target the once untouchable org for failing to provide basic financial disclosures. So…where did the millions of dollars go? 

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