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What is the right take on the cop killings across the country and the weak on crime Soros funded DA in New York City, Alvin Bragg? What about the Houston Police officer gunned down by an El Salvadoran illegal? Next, Charlie responds to the wave of emails the show has received about election integrity and the new Arizona election integrity bills that aim to set right the election processes changed in 2020. Charlie sits down with Dan Farley, a Tea Party leader from Scottsdale, along with Merissa Hamilton, who runs the grassroots organization Charlie asks these two grassroots activists your questions about the new election integrity bills in Arizona, voter registration drives, no-excuse mail in balloting, Precinct Committeemen, door knocking, and how everyone can get involved in saving their own local communities. Could Arizona’s new slate of bills be the model for the rest of the country? 

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