The CDC has begun to change its tune in some truly remarkable ways: Up-to 40% of deaths are “with” COVID, not “of” COVID? Kids aren’t actually being hospitalized in overwhelming numbers? Are the vaccines still working “exceptionally well?” Exactly how many COVID deaths were those with at least four morbidities? So many other pieces of evidence are just now beginning to get spouted from the government’s official spokespeople, data that this show and far too few others have been telling you for months and even years now. So the question then becomes why the sudden change in tone? Is it purely political calculus ahead of the 2022 midterms? Or is there an even more high-stakes coverup taking place in front of our very eyes. Charlie lays out the evidence, step-by-step, for why we have all been victims of a massive government gaslighting campaign of truly epic proportions. 

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