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Why do Democrats seek to rewrite history.

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It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth.

Alexis de Tocqueville

Cut 3

PELOSI: “We’re confident in the impeachment and we think there’s enough testimony to remove him from office. We want the American people to see the truth and why are they afraid of the truth?”

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Erin Burnett pushes the propaganda

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War Powers Act

Cut 8

Pelosi: Obama ‘Did Not Need Authorization’ to Use Force in Libya

Cut 9 What Justification?????

Cut 10: Refuel Marc Gerecht – former CIA officer on CNN

To more fully comprehend what actually happened in Libya five years ago, let’s briefly review what the Obama administration proclaimed and compare that with what actually happened.

Cut 11. John Kerry in 2016 —. OK we are arming terrorist.

Cut 12 Sen Kerry while campaigning for Joe Biden.

Trashed his soldiers in Vietnam war, subversive Mr. Potato Head, leader of the Low IQ. CaucASS (HT Mark Levin)

Cut 13: Biden then…

Cut 14. Fear Monger in Chief. Yep. And arson has been determine to be the cause….