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Deterrence and No luck on the Irish

Cut 3
News of the strike on the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani is being felt not just in Iran but also in U.S. newsrooms.

Cut 4

In a list consisting mostly of foreign dignitaries that are known to only a handful of people in the UK, US and the rest of the English-speaking world, the Times of London named now-deceased Iranian General Qassem Suleimani to its list of “Twenty faces to look out for in 2020.”

The winner of the “state the obvious” OOO, big speech. They all have Massive TRUMP signs.

Many Syrians Celebrate Assassination of a War Criminal

She cqn’t help herself

Cut 6. Jeh Johnson: Soleimani Was ‘A Lawful Military Objective,’ Trump Had ‘Domestic Legal Authority To Take Him Out’

From Epoch Times – Denis Prager

There are two primary reasons that it’s so difficult, if not impossible, to define leftism. One is that it ultimately stands for chaos:
• Open borders.
• “Nonbinary” genders.
• Nonsensical and scatological “art.”
• “Music” without tonality, melody, or harmony.
• Drag queen story hours for 5-yearolds.
• Rejection of the concept of better or worse civilizations.
• Rejection of the concept of better or worse art.
• Removal of Shakespeare’s portrait from a university English department because he was a white male.
• The end of all use of fossil fuels— even in transportation (as per the recent recommendation by the head of the U.N. World Meteorological Organization).
• The dismantling of capitalism, the economic engine that has lifted billions of people out of abject poverty.
• And much more.

Virtue signaling got their lines crossed.

Real deplorable.

Venezuela’s last democratic institution falls as Maduro attempts de facto takeover of National Assembly (WaPo)

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