On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, it’s a sad day in America as we grieve the loss of our great friend Rush Limbaugh. Rush was a cultural phenomenon that changed broadcasting, utterly and completely. Rush blazed the path for many. He was the greatest advocate for free speech and was the go-to for many Americans. He loved his family, his country, and his audience. There will never be another Rush Limbaugh. Then, in 1995 Mark would fax information to Rush’s producer, Cookie, who would bring them to Rush, and eventually Mark forged a friendship with Rush that launched Mark’s own radio career. Rush’s team was terrific as was his audience whom he respected immensely. Mark also shares a heartfelt story about some very valuable advice Rush gave him when he wrote: “Rescuing Sprite.” Later, the reason Rush Limbaugh loved Donald Trump was because they understood one another. Both of them were initially dismissed, undermined, and eventually attacked and this was the basis for their special kinship.

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