On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Sen. Ted Cruz says the question of whether a private citizen can be impeached is a close legal question. This program disagrees and rejects the premise that such a trial is Constitutional and that a private citizen can be tried by the US Senate. Then, Mark Cuban has quietly done away with playing the National Anthem at Mavericks games. The NBA has since reversed that decision but that didn’t stop White House press secretary Jen Psaki from saying that America hasn’t lived up to its highest ideals when asked about it. Later, the New York Times is taking a swipe at conservative talk radio and this program alleging that culpability lies with listeners of talk radio. The media lays cover for the Democrats’ outlandish claims. The House Managers haven’t made a case against Trump, they’ve made a case against the riot. This is how Democrats operate; they change whatever rules or laws get in their way whether they’re allowed to or not. Afterward, the Biden Administration has set a “bold and ambitious” goal of 50% of schools being reopened only one day per week. This is similar to their initial response about vaccines when they were called out for Trump having already surpassed the goals set by Biden before he left office. Perhaps, the teacher’s unions that are pressuring Biden should pretend the schools are a vacation spot and then they’ll be able to re-open them all.

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