On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the Best of Mark Levin. Kathleen Landerkin, the foul-mouthed Deputy Warden of the DC jail housing January 6th detainees, must be thrilled to mistreat the ‘white racist’ inmates at her facility. According to a recent report, these detainees are suffering because of the Deputy Warden’s political bias. Afterward, the U.S military is employing Gender Advisers to advance the leftwing culture within the military. Later, the public’s pressure on Congress has succeeded in killing the provision to allow women to be drafted for war. The Build Back Better plan has been blunted and the radical element of the Democrat Party is now attacking Sen. Joe Manchin for holding the line thus far against the far left. Also, a faculty member at NYU says that transsexual liberation in and of itself is ineffective, but that the overall movement is about a communist revolution to abolish society as it currently exists. This sub-American Marxist movement is a force to be reckoned with because they’ve taken control of the culture. They run the universities, the media, and they run the Democrat Party. These movements are not imaginary, they want to rule your life, and cannot be ignored. Then, this January 6th committee is so insidious that Adam Schiff went as far as to doctor the transcripts of text messages from Mark Meadows’s phone to misrepresent the facts during a congressional hearing considering a criminal referral to hold a former White House Chief of Staff in contempt of Congress.  Afterward, there is no reason for Congress to have Trump’s taxes; he’s a private citizen. You don’t see Congress subpoenaing other former presidents as part of their legislative agenda to write tax policy. If the Republicans win the House in 2022 they must step up and stop this warped practice.

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