On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, WMAL radio host Larry O’Connor fills in for Mark. The Democrats, media, and their partners in pop culture have made a shift in their view of the pandemic. They’ve slashed the quarantine duration and have softened their language, and are starting to sound like Trump did in March of 2020. The leftist elites were happy to impose draconian rules on you while they enjoyed private maskless dinners. Now that their own people are rejecting the restrictions of the Democrat Medical Complex, their partners in the Democrat Media Complex are spreading their new softened message. Later, the left uses the fine print to go after your kids. The Medical Industrial Complex wants you to grandparents to live in fear and go without seeing their grandchildren. Afterward, some of the tactics employed today are eerily reminiscent of the Chinese cultural revolution. Tactics like encouraging children to turn in their parents if they violate covid protocols or chastise them for having white privilege.

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