On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Doc Washburn of KARN fills in for Mark. January 6 is the day we learn whether our Constitution will hold and whether congressional Republicans care. It is not asking too much for the Republicans to uphold the United States Constitution and to fight to preserve and protect the plain words set forth in Article II. They must make the case to and on behalf of the American people, and they must make it clear to the Democrats that we the people will not roll over. Send Josh Hawley announced today that he will object the certification of electors on January 6th, the first Senator to do so. Also, we have always been told that voting machines cannot and are not connected to the internet, but that was again proven false today in a Georgia fraud hearing. While presenting evidence of fraud, Stanford researcher Jovan Pulitzer informed the committee that they had hacked into a voting machine while the hearing was underway. What is it going to take for this evidence to be treated with the severity it deserves?

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