On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. Do the Chinese communist media and US media still see things differently? The Chinese publicly shamed individuals for violating pandemic protocols and broadcast it on their state-sponsored media. Here in the United States, the media has portrayed unvaccinated persons visiting or protesting at a fast-food restaurant as “Anti-vaxxers invade Burger King.” Then, the attack on parents continues as left-wing politicians and teacher unions believe parents should have no say in their kids’ education. Democrats said that Critical Race Theory isn’t real. They said it isn’t taught in the classroom, yet they mobilized federal law enforcement to add a threat tag on parents that protested at school board meetings treating them like domestic terrorists and arresting them. Later, if you vaccinate your child against this virus you are an unfit parent. There is zero evidence of children getting a severe case of covid. Despite the media’s claim that 145 kids died from covid, it’s more accurate to label them as dying with covid. The CDC estimates that 199 children younger than five years old die from the flu, yet the CDC does not mandate vaccines, masks, or school shutdowns for the flu.

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