On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Radio Host Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. It’s only been 11 months but it seems like a much longer time with Biden at the helm. Perhaps it’s because he’s managed to mess up so much so quickly. Biden’s net disapproval rate has now spread to 20 states that he won in 2020 and as of this week he’s polling worse than Kamala Harris. There are only five states that still approve of Biden’s agenda. Also, even younger voters are jumping off of Biden’s ship with an approval rating of only 29% amongst voters between 18-34 years old. This is an extremely rare finding for a Democrat and is the lowest approval for any age range in the Marist poll. This presents a unique opportunity for Republicans in 2022 for a generational change. Later, voter fraud remains a focus for law enforcement across the country with thousands of pending cases of various types of voter fraud. The lack of prosecution is due to ideological opposition of democrat prosecutors, who refuse to enforce the law. Gov. Ron DeSantis has a state-appointed prosecutor to look into election fraud in instances where rogue county prosecutors refuse to enforce the law. Additional measures like the implementation of voter ID requirements, and the abolition of ballot harvesting and unsolicited mail-in voting will go a long way to strengthening the integrity of future elections.

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