On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Radio Host Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. Kamala Harris and the Democrats are focused on doing what they can to win in 2022, but shifting gears away from Build Back Better might not be enough. Kamala admitted that her biggest failure has been staying in DC more than she should have. The squad is pushing Biden to implement the Build Back Better bill by Executive Order instead of going through Congress like he’s supposed to. Desperate Democrats do desperate things. Later, are you laser-focused on winning the midterms next year? Teachers’ unions are part of the problem and members need to decide whether they want to contribute to the left, whether it be wittingly or unwittingly. Meanwhile, the CDC has cut the quarantine time to only 5 days and will blame this on ‘following the science’ but it’s nothing more than a political decision by the Democrats, just like requiring young children to get the vaccine is. Afterward, despite the media narrative there actually are convictions for voter fraud dating back for decades. So far, the Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Database has topped 1,300 convictions in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and several other states.

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