On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. We live in a society where people no longer respect police officers. Law enforcement has been dehumanized and the left does not relent with their calls to “fry them like bacon”. So, when an officer makes a mistake in the line of duty these critics pounce. Today, Minnesota police officer Kim Potter was found guilty of the felony crime of negligent manslaughter after she mistakenly shot Duante Wright with her firearm instead of her taser. Then, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is requesting federal law enforcement to stop the crime wave that her policies exacerbated. This is the same mayor that rejected any assistance from federal law enforcement when it was offered by former President Donald Trump. Later, is President Biden and his administration’s policies to blame for the country’s weak economy, or is it due to the pandemic? Biden is indicating that the economy will worsen and that interest rates will rise due to inflation. Democrats overturned the will of the people because they were afraid of how well people did under Trump. Afterward, Democrats have decided to allow Americas to have Christmas before they get heavy-handed with their COVID restrictions and mandates. The left within the medical field and within the media are suggesting that the unvaccinated not be treated with the same priority as the vaccinated and boosted. Even pro-golfer Phil Mickelson is asking questions about the legitimacy of these policies. 

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