On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, WMAL radio host Larry O’Connor fills in for Mark. President Biden is an accidental president, and his presidency will be reviled eternally as a mistake, similar to if one were watching a train wreck in slow motion. If Biden was such a great leader, he would have run in 2016 and when he didn’t, nobody cared. Biden wasn’t even the best candidate in 2020 but he won by default when faced with options like Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. Add in some mail-in voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic and boom, you have a President Biden. Biden has always been a ruthless politician and should not get a pass or sympathy for being old and weak. Then, Joe Manchin is a hero and all Americans should be grateful to the citizens of West Virginia for a Senator that actually does his job. Yet Bette Midler attacked West Virginians as poor and illiterate until she finally apologized. Later, Chuck Schumer put his incivility on full display when he attacked Republicans after Mitch McConnell had given him what he asked for. It was at that speech in October where Manchin held his head in his hands in dismay at Schumer’s lunacy. Afterward, Biden says he will run for president again if he’s in good health. Perhaps Biden is foreshadowing a departure since he has failed on passing Build Back Better, shutting down the pandemic, and is overseeing record inflation. Finally, CNN is imploding because Jeff Zucker has driven the network into the ground. Not only did they get the Russian collusion hoax wrong, but they entirely missed the 2016 election too.

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