On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, WPHT Radio Host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. Democrats are melting down because they couldn’t convince Sen. Joe Manchin to vote for their radical Build Back Better bill. There was once a time when Senators represented their states instead of all running for president, but the 17th amendment is no longer observed and Senators have become professional grandstanders. Now the Democrats are attacking the fundamental idea of our Republic, blaming one man for hijacking their political agenda because he voted in favor of the constituents he represents. Manchin might be the last of the sane Democrats and they’re trying to get rid of him so they can make a power grab to ensure a Democrat majority for the foreseeable future. They plan to achieve it by eliminating the filibuster, granting statehood to territories like Washington DC, and changing voting laws to make elections less secure. Later, it might be better if Omicron becomes the most dominant strain but Fauci keeps harping on vaccines. Meanwhile, China still refuses to let the CDC into its labs. Both the Biden Administration and corporate giants are happy to do China’s bidding, whether it’s refraining from criticizing President Xi or singing on to the latest social movement that undermines American unity. Afterward, the left pushes “green energy” which will cost us more and be less effective, but the federal government is happy to subsidize the cost of this more expensive energy. This is all about leveraging demagoguery to gain control over various areas of an individual’s life. They use the climate catastrophe as an existential crisis, the same way they use the pandemic to mandate masks and vaccines. It’s all about power and control over your life.  

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