On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Constitution was systematically targeted and attacked by those in the Democrat party who embrace the 1619 project. The radical extreme left hates the Constitution and wants to eviscerate it because it prevents the grandiosity and power they seek. If America has a Democrat party that has circumvented Article 2 Sec 2 of the constitution, should those electors’ votes be counted even though they’re tainted because those states chose to not comply with the federal Constitution? Of course not, because willfully and brazenly changing election laws outside of the federal Constitution violates the Constitutional election process in that state. Then, no member of Congress may be sworn in without taking an oath to defend the Constitution. Therefore, it is understood that the votes counted must be obtained Constitutionally. “Shall” count does not mean that Congress is compelled to count votes that were cast extra-constitutionally. Later, five nerds at The Wall Street Journal editorial board just normalized and conflated the spying on the Trump campaign with the fraud being legitimately challenged in Congress. Afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz joins the show to reiterate why the Constitution outlines how a Constitutional challenge should be conducted by the Vice President and Congress.

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