On this 71st edition of Ask Charlie Anything, Charlie is back at it, taking the questions you email to him at Freedom@CharlieKirk.com. This weeks’ questions include: 

1) Is the White House colluding with big tech companies? What exactly is ‘Disinformation?’ And what will Republicans do about it—if anything?

2) With universities and jobs forcing young Americans to take an experimental vaccine…or else, where are the adults? Did the generation before us fail us all—do they continue to fail us?

3) Is it ‘Christ-Like’ to mandate masks for the “Common Good?” Are masks even scientifically effective against the Chinese Coronavirus? And what does it mean to actually care for one another—does it mean lying to your neighbors & to children?

4) Should you wear a mask in airports, or is it time to civilly disobey against unconstitutional mandates? Charlie shares thoughts from The Charlie Kirk Show team and issues a mask mandate challenge.

5) Who are the 12 “dangerous” “disinformation” super spreaders the White House is monitoring?  Do they have a list and is Jen Psaki checking it twice? Also—what is Jen Psaki’s heritage?

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