Charlie is live with Pastor Luke Barnett at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Ariz. for the first Freedom Square event of 2022. Charlie begins by reviewing 202, detailing how that historic year was marked by a rejection of “the big” and the national, and a return to “smaller things” including local governance, the state, the city, the neighborhood, and the local church. Charlie was through how this transformation is part of the fall of the regime, and the rise of the citizen, an eminently healthy sign in a small “r” republic as the Founders envisioned for America. But what does 2021 tell us about what’s going to happen in 2022? What vision is God placing in the heart of His people? Pastor Luke describes a powerful story of Shamgar, and explains why a providential vision is the key to saving a nation. Complete with Q+A this is a can’t miss episode to start 2022. 

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